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Pedro Sanches

Digital Craftsman ( Web3 Blockchain Enthusiast | Metaverse | Futurist | Software Engineer )

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Specialist in custom application development, he joined Accenture in 2016.
I've been working as Team Lead for a financial solutions client preparing a team of a-players to create the best solutions together with the product team and scale the applications to over 600,000 users.
Experience in team leadership, people management, agile development, complex systems analysis, architecture design, process automation, evangelist of the DevOps culture.
Over these 6 years, he participated in the delivery of 11 projects serving 8 clients in the agribusiness, telecom, consumer goods, finance solutions and resources segments.


1986Born in São Paulo, SP.
2012Completed the Postgraduate Program in Information Security at the Union of Brazilian Institutes of Technology university.
2016 to presentProgramming has always been a hobby, but the key turned when I started working at Accenture Brasil as a Full iOS Developer.

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Family, Cars, Music, Football, Basketball, Poker, Fishing, Information Security, Programming, and 3D Modeling.

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